Textile sun protection elements need particularly good protection to prevent damage. The cloth is stretchable and can tear under extreme stress. Therefore, the loads caused by the motor power and the weather conditions must be reduced as much as possible. To avoid that drive and weather sensors operate against each other, GEIGER has prepared the SOLIDline EasyScreen for any eventualities.

Rain and strong wind might damage textile screens. Therefore rain and wind sensors give alarm by unfavourable weather conditions so that the screen can move upwards to the protected top end position. However, if an obstacle-detecting system is integrated, which also responds to gusts of wind, electronic motors would rather stop than driving to the upper end position. That means that the sun protection is exposed without protection to the effects of harsh weather.

The GEIGER SOLIDline EasyScreen drive benefits from a special obstacle detection feature with reduced sensitivity in UP direction. In case of a wind alarm, the motor moves - despite rain or wind gusts - the screen to the upper end position. If a gust of wind is too strong or the screen is pressed against the window pane, the drive will start up to 15 attempts to reach the protected position. The screen can be then safely retracted.

SOLIDline EasyScreen – Optimal protection for textile screens.