If you want to find out more about living in a networked house, you can now test it out: Loxone, Austrian Smart Home expert and partner of GEIGER Antriebstechnik, has built in Kollerschlag the first Smart Showhome in Europe. The entire house technology of the 260m2 building is fully automated. The sun protection has also been integrated into the Smart Home control system – via GEIGER AIR drives with an innovative radio system.

An incredible number of functions can now be integrated in a modern Smart Home system. You can check the ones that are most useful for you and experience Autopilot Living in a Smart Showhome. In the house, the various living areas such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom or sauna are all embedded in the Smart Home system. Heating, ventilation, shading, lighting and multimedia are connected in all rooms.

The temperature and the ventilation systems are controlled automatically by means of sensors. According to the users' needs, the system takes into account, for example, daytime, CO2 content, atmospheric humidity and the presence of persons. In the Loxone Showhome, rooms come to life with different lighting scenes. By pressing a button, you can call up pre-programmed lighting and music scenes in every room – at any time. To protect the room from being too hot in summer, the blinds can automatically close according to the weather and the sun position. In the evening they will also automatically close to ensure your privacy.

The sun protection now thinks the way you do thanks to the innovative AIR motors – Smart Home Ready – from GEIGER. With the integrated AIR technology, which Loxone has developed especially for the Smart Home, the motors can be integrated into the Loxone automation system and connected to other areas of the home automation. All AIR motors communicate via a bidirectional radio. Commands are not only received but are also confirmed after execution. Otherwise an error message will be sent. The integrated mesh technology acts as an amplifier in each motor in order to increase the range of the radio system. 

In the Showhome, the sun protection is part of various protection and safety devices. In the event of a fire alarm, the escape route is illuminated, the blinds are raised, and the emergency number is automatically called. In case of a burglary attempt, the lights begin to flash, the blinds open and music is played throughout the house at maximum volume. Guests can gain access into the Showhome using an electronic key that immediately switches off the alarm when you open the front door. To protect the home, electrical goods and appliances against water damage, water sensors have been placed in the kitchen and utility room. 

In case of burglary: full lighting and opened blinds make the house transparent.
Showhome during a burglary

Smart Home solutions not only improve comfort and security but also increase the energy efficiency. A PV system with battery storage and a charging station for electric cars are embedded in the energetic concept of the Showhome.The entire energy management in the house is designed for economical energy consumption and the self-consumption of the self-produced electricity. Heating, ventilation and sun protection are optimally matched to each other in order to set the perfect temperature throughout the house, room by room. During absence, all lights are automatically turned off, the temperature is lowered and the electrical appliances are switched off.

As a guest staying a day or even overnight in the Smart Showhome, you can experience the Autopilot Living and all the possibilities offered by a Smart Home. For further information about Smart Home please contact GEIGER Antriebstechnik under smarthome@geiger.de. Loxone also gives away each month two overnight stays at the Showhome on its Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/LOXONE.Home).

Always different, but always energy-saving: the LOXONE Showhome in Kollerschlag.