Dear Sir or Madam,

Here's a situation you may be familiar with: Hardly anyone manages – on every hot summer day   to close systematically the Venetian blinds before the rooms heat up or – on winter evenings – to let down all the shutters to take advantage of the additional insulating layer outside the window. It results in unnecessary energy consumption for heating and cooling. People have become comfortable. They get easily distracted, are forgetful and also make mistakes. However the European Union (EU) promotes the idea that the house of the future may only consume minimal amounts of energy. How can we achieve this?

There is something that already works today: automation. Anyone who automates his home or facility buildings places energy efficiency in neutral hands. The thinking house controls, monitors and manages the building technology system for every area of use in order to save energy. 

The key to it is the sun protection: integrated into a building automation system or into a Smart Home, it effectively helps to reduce the consumption of heating and cooling energy.

GEIGER wants to actively boost this development. That is why we have expanded our AIR product family with the new GJ56 .. AIR and a weather station. All AIR products can be integrated into the Smart Home solution of our partner Loxone and thus automatically improve the energy efficiency.

A building that can think is much more effective than a human will ever be. 

Smart users can then sit back, enjoy the modern facilities that make life so pleasant and relax by reading for instance our new GEIGER impulse.

With our best regards

Dr. Marc Natusch
Roland Kraus
Growth in AIR product range: the weather station AIR
Growth in AIR product range