After the rolling shutters and the awnings, the Venetian blinds are now also Smart Home Ready with the new GJ56 .. AIR. GEIGER has equipped its drive - in use in millions of applications all over the world - with the innovative AIR radio system. Thus, the motors can be integrated into the Loxone Smart Home automation and be connected with other areas of the home automation. This means: the entire sun protection thinks along with the residents.

Venetian blind motor GJ56.. AIR
Venetian blind motor GJ56.. AIR

After the SOLIDline AIR drives, GEIGER presents with the new GJ56 .. AIR the second drive for the Smart Home control. Venetian blinds can be connected to further elements such as heating, weather station, lighting, alarm or fire detectors. In summer, the blinds close automatically on hot and sunny days to prevent overheating of the rooms and let the sun pass through in the winter. Even in case of emergency the sun protection thinks along: in case of smoke detector alarm, the elements will automatically open and the escape route is free. The GJ56 .. AIR communicates via a bidirectional radio. Commands are not only received, but also confirmed after execution or an error message is sent. The integrated Mesh technology acts if necessary as an amplifier in each drive thereby increasing the range of the radio system.

Unidirectional radio compared to bidirectional radio with Mesh technology.
Unidirectional radio compared

The drive components and the features of the AIR drive are identical to the GJ56.. which is well-known for its reliability and high-performance worldwide. A limit stop switch can be used as reference point for a durable belt length adjustment or serve as an emergency switch. The dynamic torque shutdown provides greater safety. The obstacle detection or the anti-freeze protection prevent damage to the motor in case of overload.

Furthermore a new feature allows the user to define himself an intermediate position with user-selectable slat angle - no matter from which direction the blind is operated to the intermediate position. The semi-automatic setting allows the regulation of different slat angles in the UP/DOWN directions. The intermediate position can be adjusted by the user at any time. 

The new GJ56 .. AIR drives can be connected in parallel and are available with 6, 10 and 20 Nm. They can be safely installed without tools in all standard head rails. The pluggable connecting cable in various cable lengths reduces wiring and simplifies the assembly additionally. The new GJ56 .. AIR is available from March 2017 at GEIGER and Loxone.