Solutions for the second escape route

Clear the way for lifesavers!

Solutions for the second escape route

Lifesavers should be able to get into a house within seconds via the second escape route. A reliable sun protection drive is vital here. Geiger presents at the R+T trade fair 2018 two innovative and safe drives for Venetian blinds and rolling shutters: RESCUEline and SpeedRESCUE for the second escape route.

If the escape route is blocked in case of an emergency, the emergency services must enter the building from outside to rescue the trapped persons. Good if a second escape route was taken into consideration during planning, for example a sufficiently large window. In this case the helpers can enter the house in a matter of seconds.

Planning security for architects and planners

For a trouble-free rescue in case of emergency, the responsible planner must coordinate his fire protection concept with the fire protection authority. The authority may request a second rescue route and issues implementation rules. One of them is that the sun protection system must generally be defined in the fire protection concept. Because a closed sun protection in front of the emergency escape window means the loss of valuable minutes for the rescue team or can even prevent them - in the worst-case scenario - to enter the building.

Architects and planners are on the safe side with the Geiger sun protection drives RESCUEline and SpeedRESCUE. In an emergency, both drives move up the sun protection reliably and clear the way for the helpers and the rescue team.


Extremely fast solution for rolling shutters

The new SpeedRESCUE for rolling shutters is extremely fast – faster than all other solutions available on the market. The innovative solution is a hybrid of an electric and mechanical drive which can be operated intuitively. In everyday life the SpeedRESCUE offers the comfort of a motorized drive. In case of an emergency, the sun protection can easily be triggered by the additionally integrated mechanical crank system. A short turn or pull movement of the crank and the rolling shutter moves up immediately in order to release the second escape route.

The patented system can be integrated into virtually all standard rolling shutter boxes and is suitable for window, door and double door elements. The emergency release and the fast opening of the rolling shutter work without electricity. This ensures a safe operation without additional battery and the drive remains virtually maintenance-free.

SpeedRESCUE will be available in series production at the end of 2018.


Miniaturized Venetian blind solution

The RESCUEline for Venetian blinds is so compact that the drive can be fully integrated into all commercially available top rails. The aesthetics of the facade are fully preserved. The solution consists of three optimally coordinated and structurally separate components: a drive for the Venetian blind, a control module with rechargeable battery for the uninterruptible power supply and - unique in the market - an LED display module. The entire system status and possible error messages are shown on the display, similar to a traffic light system.

In normal operation, wall-mounted switches allow an easy manual operation. Moreover the RESCUEline can be easily integrated into marketable Smart Home / building automation systems. The RESCUEline can be connected to a fire alarm control panel via a separate line and thus externally controlled in an emergency. Operation is also possible as a standalone system: The release is then carried out via an emergency switch placed inside.

The drive is maintenance-free. Several safety levels in the control module and the integrated rechargeable battery guarantee – in the event of a fault or power failure – that the Venetian blind immediately moves to the safety position, i.e. to the upper end position. Emergency exits are not blocked in case of malfunction – by no means.